Friday, May 6, 2011

Final Blog Post: Thanks!

For my final project I really was trying to do a light hearted humorous “mockumentary.” As far as themes from the class I really tried to communicate humor in a non-verbal way with this project. I had some issues with video that I had taken becoming corrupted, but I was able to piece together a final product that I was happy with and that I thought I successfully used non-verbal communication successfully.  I started off the video heavy on environmental images. I did this in order to in a way lull the viewer into a sense of routine. I have done many environmental based projects in this class, and I was hoping to make students believe that this film was along those same lines. I was hoping that this preconception would play into the humor of a video about Chipotle.  While a lot of my footage at chipotle was lost, as well as a number of my interviews, I tried to show just how invested in this restaurant people can be.  The juxtaposing of the images of flowers with the corrugated steel side of chipotle and the chipotle sign is an example of my non-verbal communication. While there are words being displayed on the screen, my association between flowers and chipotle is saying that the two are related to one another in the context of beauty.  I hope that this relation is humorous to the viewer because it is supposed to be a funny video.  The final scene with Chipotle being eaten was probably my most significant use of non-verbal communication. I used a very close up very intimate shot to liken eating a Chipotle burrito to some very intimate, personal experience. This also is a concept that I hope people find humorous, because in my mid it is. There are some technical flaws and I will do my best to fix them by time my video airs (I didn’t realize there was a final at 2:00). But other than these minor flaws I am pretty happy with my final product. The fact that I had a smaller pool of video than I planned on was a challenge, but I think that that made the process that much more interesting and satisfying to complete. My edible portion is cilantro lime rice, which is a staple at Chipotle. I couldn’t really buy Chipotle for everyone so this is the next best thing. The rice along with the talk of Chipotle is supposed to make the users long for chipotle. In a way the edible portion will function to expose the Chipotle aficionados in the class. The senses will be flooded by chipotle, thus causing those like me who feel a deep connection to chipotle to long for its sweet embrace. This is in a way another attempt at humor. I am interested to see if this has the desired effect on the class. I chose a digital medium for my project because this class has really taught me a lot about digital art forms and I have found that I really enjoy them . I even used Adobe illustrator to make figures for my smp.
I really think that this final project is a great way to end this class. I used a medium that I basically discovered this semester in this class, and I tried to use methods of conveying ideas and thoughts visually but in a comedic way. I hope that everyone will appreciate the humor that I tried to bring into my project, and not think that I some weird fatty freak who is in love with a burrito (even if some of that may or may not be true).  Thank you for the opportunity to do this final project, I really enjoyed it, and thank you for finally helping me understand art for once in my life, I think I kind of get it now; At least if just a little bit.  

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