Friday, May 6, 2011

Allyson Moore's SMP Presentation

I also attended a studio smp presentation.  I believe the artists name was Allyson Moore. I had trouble understanding this presentation because I was in the way back behind a wall. As a consequence of this my view of the screen was almost completely blocked and I could only see the right portion of any of her photographs.  While my view was extremely obstructed I still thought that what she was saying was very interesting and her smp sounded very neat. She said that she liked to take pictures of commonplace objects all over the place. I believe she said this was partially inspired by a trip to the west coast that allowed her to return to the east coast with a renewed artistic energy. She said that her favorite place to photograph was behind a Mckays. At first I was thinking that it was a little weird to take photographs at such a location but as she got into it more I began to understand why she did that and became really intrigued by her decision to do so. What I though was so interesting was that she in a way documented a change over time in a place that many of us have been near but have never really taken the opportunity to look at. She described how one day there was a random cart there that someone had left. She did not only photograph the cart in the context of the space, but she also took close up shots of the cart from atop the cart. I thought that this was really cool how she not only captured the cart in its “environment” and in the context of the loading dock but she also documented the cart close up. She treated the cart in 2 different ways, in a large special context and a short individual context.
                All in all I wish I could have had a better seat. What she was saying about her work and what she did, sounded really cool and really unique and I wish that I would have had the opportunity to see her work as whole and not in the fragmented behind a wall way that I did. I really think that I would have enjoyed seeing her use of framing and subject matter, because it was interesting to hear about. I hope that I can go to the gallery at a later date and actually look at her photographs in person, not only so that I can see them, but so I can take my time and look at them up close.

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